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About Queen Deborah and King Jason


King Jason and Queen Deborah

Jason and Deborah Raymond met in 1999. Since then, they have been blessed with the addition of three lovely daughters whom they have homeschooled for the past 7 years. Jason is a skilled business owner creating large format prints and signage at He is passionate about vintage cars and loves being a father of all girls. Deborah attended Cosmetology School while still in High School and strives to create beauty all around her. She is an experienced seamstress and cake decorator. Deborah owns her own small business as well, selling all the the things she creates.

Jason and Deborah are passionate about working with youth. They love to see and aid in the development of talents and to create an atmosphere where great youth can meet and interact with others with their same standards. It is their greatest joy when they are able to help young people increase in their testimonies of Jesus Christ.

As King and Queen of Handmaidens of Virtue, Jason and Deborah are excited to join with Richard and Emily Clawson, King and Queen of Mastering Knighthood.

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