Introducing the Crown Princess 2015!

This is an exciting time for me! I begin a new adventure of getting to know an exemplary young woman, as we work hard as a team to prepare for Summit. In 2013 I met and grew to love Crown Princess Quiana as together we started Handmaidens of Virtue Summit.  In 2014 it was a pleasure to work closely with the lovely Crown Princess Natalie and learn about the pure love of Christ. This year, it is my honor to introduce the Crown Princess for 2015-

Amory McKay!

As it was time to pick the Crown Princess for this year, I kept battling it out in my mind. I finally decided to go and look through pictures from previous years. As I saw Amory’s face, I felt a calmness and knew she was the one. She is a wonderful example of Steadfastness, which is our theme this year.

Crown Princess 2015 Amory

My name is Amory McKay, and I love light.  I love being in light, I love internalizing light, and I love seeing light in other places and in other people.

I have frequently been told that I am a genuine person.  It’s a true assumption.  Whatever I do or say, I genuinely mean it, and I take some pride in that.  It’s a practice that has earned me trust and friendship.  It’s also a practice that helps me stay true to myself.  If I’m not true to myself, to whom am I true?  When I’m true to myself, I stand up for my beliefs, and that’s something I utterly enjoy.  I take great satisfaction in standing up for what I believe in.

I also thoroughly enjoy things like writing in my journal, reading interesting books, and getting good grades.  It’s a little weird for me to say the word “grades” because, well, I didn’t have any grades for eight years; not until I decided to start attending my local high school this year, rather than homeschooling as I had before.  I used to think, “Ugh, grades.  Who needs grades?”  And now I’m always thinking, “Grades!  I need those!  And I need good ones!”  So it has been a big shift for me, and a big shift for multiple other reasons, too.  But it has been an adventure.  And I love adventures.

Handmaidens of Virtue Summit this year is going to be a great adventure.  I can’t wait to get to know all of you and get ready to have an amazing adventure together!  For now, thank you so much for becoming a part of this quest to help young girls in their pursuit of virtue.  Girls this age need what we’ll give them.  They need examples of virtue and holiness to follow.  You are those examples.  So thank you.  Not only does it mean a lot to me, it means a lot to them; and that’s what Virtue Summit is all about.



A New Year, A New Theme

What does it mean to be Steadfast? How to you stand firm in holy places? This is the topic we will explore this year with Heroic Youth.

Youth leaders 1

It is time to plan your Spring and Summer with us as we gear up for another amazing year! We need even more help than before! If you are desiring to participate as a youth leader, you must APPLY NOW. Applications for youth leaders closes on January 24th. There is only a three week window to apply, so do not put it off.  APPLICATION PROCESS HAS ENDED. Make sure to spread the word to all of your wonderful friends who would be a great addition to our vision of surrounding ourselves with virtuous heroes.

We desperately need adult volunteers! Summit is an event for fathers and daughters. If you are a mother and want to be there to experience this with your daughter, consider applying as a volunteer. If you are a father, we have many places for you as well! Without enough help, we cannot provide such life changing experiences for your daughters and youth. You will not regret the time spent working with us. When we serve with love, we become a big, united family.

Dates to put on your calendar:

January 2nd- 24th: Youth Leader Applications accepted

January 31st: Youth Leader papers are due

February 6th & 7th: Youth Leader Interviews are held

February 27th: Youth Leader Kickoff

March 13: Board Meeting for all board members and Princesses

April 11th: Princess Tea and Training

April 25th: Training for all youth leaders

May 23rd and May 30th: General Training for ALL volunteers. Board members attend both, all other volunteers attend one or the other day. Youth are invited to both.

June 19th: Handmaidens of Virtue 3rd Annual Summit

June 26th: Summit debriefing party for all board members and youth leaders

The 8 Standards of Christathel

In today’s American culture, little girls are often called “Princess”.  They are pampered and fussed over and fed so much pink sparkly fluff all in the name of treating them like Princesses. What do we end up with? A country full of entitled, whining and demanding women.

Pampered princess

I don’t want this for my daughters. Please don’t misunderstand me. I love feminine things. I love doing girly things with my girls, like having tea parties and sewing dolls, but what I want far more for them is for them to really see those around them and feel. Feel what it is like to walk in another person’s shoes, feel compassion for their neighbors, feel love for their fellow man, feel joy over victory and success – simply to feel. And then I want that feeling to compel them to action, to serve!

When Summit had ended this past July, I asked for feedback. I wanted to know what you thought about how it went. Much of the feedback I received was that it was hard for the girls and perhaps too emotional. Yes, there were many tears shed by the Handmaidens at Summit at a critical point in the plot, precisely where it was planned. For some reason though, after hearing the feedback, I felt like I had failed. Perhaps I had the wrong vision. Perhaps I am not the right person for this job. Perhaps I should let someone else who is more qualified step in and take over.

Summit this year was a challenge because I wanted to teach the Handmaidens Charity. I wanted them to feel God’s love and find victory in Him. That is a daunting task. I didn’t want to simply feed them ruffles and sparkly fluff, but to give them a real challenge. Over at Mastering Knighthood, they begin at the tender age of 8 to be courageous and to go into battle. They are taught from a young age how to fight for truth, to protect the weak, and so many more very worthwhile virtues.  While I feel it is critical to protect and shelter the hearts of our little girls, they desperately need opportunities to be brave, face their fears and do some hard things, in a safe and encouraging environment. And after stepping back and looking at the big picture, I realize that that is precisely what was accomplished. The tender hearts of the Handmaidens shed some serious tears over a lost friend. They felt love and compassion for those who were very different than they were. This moved them to action to serve them and rescue their friend from exile. They truly showed Christlike love, and that only comes from some very strong feelings they felt throughout the day.

Princess of a King

Most days I feel like the most unqualified person to be Queen of Christathel. In reality, I am, but God teaches, builds, sustains and inspires me to lead Handmaidens of Virtue down a very specific path. I call my own daughters “Princess”, but I am teaching my daughters, as well as the Handmaidens, that the title “Princess” means something very different from America’s definition. We teach the Handmaidens to follow the 8 Standards of Christathel. standards of Christathel

 I will do my best to quiet my fears anytime I hear voices from the opposition, and press forward, because I know this is working.

Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah! Glory be to God!

7 Things to Know to Prepare for Virtue Summit

If your daughter is registered for the 2014 Handmaidens of Virtue Summit then there is some important information you should know in order to be ready.

  1. Summit is this Saturday, July 12th from 10:00am-7:30pm at Canyon Rim Park.  Check-In for the Handmaidens is from 9:15am-10:00am at the West end of the Park. An adult MUST accompany Handmaidens through the Check-In process.
  2. Every Handmaiden needs to bring a sack lunch and a water bottle with her name on it. Handmaidens should also bring a rain poncho (as of right now, the weather forecast predicts a slight possibility of rain), and a sweater in case of bad weather.
  3. Fathers/Escorts to the Feast and Ball are to arrive at 4:00pm. We are requesting that each family please bring a fruit bowl with them at this time to add to our feast.
  4. There are to be NO extra visitors hanging around. This event is for our lovely Handmaidens, their Escorts to the Feast and Ball, and our wonderful volunteers who have filled out the Volunteer Form and attended a training. The Feast and Ball is not an event for the entire family, it is a special time reserved for Fathers and Daughters.
  5. We will have a beautiful spot for Father’s and Handmaidens to have their photos taken during the Ball. Photography donated by the lovely photographer, Tamra Hyde  at Modern Expressions Photography. Photos will be available online two weeks after Summit. An email will be sent out to all Handmaidens with a link to download.
  6. If your Handmaiden has food allergies, we are doing our best to provide an option for gluten free as well as dairy free for the feast. You may want to pack additional snacks just in case. If your daughter has serious reactions to foods or other things and requires an EpiPen®, you should be there and available in the park at all times with one.
  7. We will have several items available for purchase at Check-In and again when the fathers arrive, as supplies permit. We accept cash, check and credit cards. Cash is our preferred method of payment.

We will have the very first Handmaidens of Virtue book for sale! It is a book for ages 8-12 and tells the story of what the girls will be experiencing at Summit on Saturday. It will be a great way to remember what they experienced and learned. The cost is $7.85.

There will be silk flower corsages available to purchase inexpensively for $5 as opposed to the costly fresh floral ones available at floral shops. These are a great option to give to your Handmaiden at the Feast and Ball. We have a limited number of these. They will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis at morning Check-In.

Handmade Tree of Life necklaces are available as well for $11.00. The Tree of Life is the symbol our nation, Christathel. This would be a lovely souvenir for volunteers and Handmaidens.

For any questions on the day of Summit, please contact the lovely LADY ALYSSA 801-735-6059

We anxiously await your arrival!

2013 summit kingdoms 160Sincerely,

The King and Queen of Christathel

Last Day to Register Your Daughter for Handmaidens of Virtue Summit 2014

If you have not yet heard the news, the 2nd annual Handmaidens of Virtue Summit will be held on Saturday, July 12, 2014.  It is for girls ages 8-12.  Today is the final day to register your daughter. Don’t miss this opportunity! A day filled with virtues, Princesses, fancy dresses, dancing, Christ-centered activities and more! What little girl doesn’t dream of such a day?

registration ends

To register your daughter, ages 8-12, click HERE .

For more information, click HERE.

What Are We Teaching Our Children?

Are you looking for a safe outlet for your children to experience challenges and trials, and overcome them? To make new friends that can last a lifetime? To help guide them to reach for something greater than what most of the world has to offer? To become a Hero in the lives of those around them?

Join us for Virtue Summit and discover the hero within yourself!

REGISTER HERE. It’s not too late!

For girls, ages 8-12.

July 12th, 2014

Canyon Rim Park,  located at 3000 South 2900 East, Millcreek, Utah

Registration has been open for one month now and will close at the end of April. Don’t put this off, or you may miss your opportunity to participate in this life changing experience!


Visit us on Facebook for updates and news. Pass this information on to your friends, it may not be what you need, but perhaps it is what they have been searching for.

Breaking Down Walls


What happens when 75 Heroic Youth and some pretty crazy adults gather together for our 2014 Summit Kickoff?



Some say that I tend to be a bit dramatic and that the use of the word proves it. What is a miracle? It is defined as an unusual or wonderful event that is believed to be caused by the power of God.


Yes. I stand by my original assessment.

What other power forges bonds of friendship, love and trust? Who, besides the Almighty can teach us to break down the walls that we hide behind? Only God can do that, but He usually does that through each of us. Through our experiences with one another, through service given and received. Through love and acceptance.

DSC_4567 1 DSC_4565 DSC_4561 DSC_4560 DSC_4557 _MG_0279 _MG_0275

One Youth Leader, lovely Princess Quiana, had this to say about the event-

“On Saturday, March 8th, I watched dozens of youth break apart boards that represented their “walls”; their fears, doubts, and constraints. Every single one of them did it with a swift blow with their hands. Some chopped the board into three pieces with a single hit, others had to try a few times before the plank finally gave way under their persistence.

    I myself didn’t have a board to break since there weren’t enough for everyone, and I was absolutely fine with that. Watching my friends obliterate the symbol of their doubts and weaknesses was enough..


    This was, undoubtedly, the best Summit Kickoff I had ever attended. We had already watched a series of inspiring videos that made me want to rise up, serve, and do my absolute best.

    The feeling that filled the room I was standing in was one that is unique to Summit. This was not only a feeling of excitement and joy, but also one of peace and trust. Everyone felt ready to serve and aid those around them, and we knew that those around us felt the exact same way. If one of us happened to stumble and fall, we knew that there would be an army of gentle hands pulling us to our feet and helping us to stand.


    As I sit and ponder back on the experience, I realize how much of Summit involves trust. Many of these youth had never broken boards before, and after a short lesson from their Crown Princess and Lead Master Knight, and a promise that they could chop this inch-thick board with nothing but their palm, dozens of youth willingly placed their plank over two cinder blocks and swung. And they broke it. Every single one of them. To my knowledge, the only person who ended up with a bloodied hand was Crown Princess Natalie, but she still broke her board.


This was true trust. The trust that was exhibited right now would carry on to the events and last even beyond that.
    Of course, I wasn’t thinking about trust at the time. Rather, I was thinking back to the Summit Kickoff last year, where I had been the Crown Princess and was leading an activity. I was feeling sorry for myself because my activity wasn’t nearly as awesome and inspiring as this one. Last year, the activity I has planned on had to be scrapped because of weather, and so the Royal Master Knight quickly told me of another group activity he had found, and I led the youth in that instead, having never even done the exercise myself. It was chaotic and slightly frustrating.

Thus, while everyone began to break down their walls, I felt mine slowly start to thicken. Why couldn’t I have been as good? Had I been a terrible leader? Was I still a terrible leader? Would I ever have another chance to redeem myself, or was I doomed to be remembered as the worst possible choice for Crown Princess? Had dozens of people suffered from a terrible experience because of my poor skills?

Each of these negative thoughts were like a brick, slowly accumulating into what could become a thick wall if I harbored them. I could already feel myself begin to flounder, my sight of what was truly important blocked by the wall I was building myself.


The snap of a board pulled me from my thoughts. I took a deep breath and took a moment to really think about what was going on. Each of these youth were breaking down their walls.

DSC_4656 DSC_4640 DSC_4623 DSC_4622

I could do the same.

With a powerful effort, I tore down the wall of self-doubt I had barely started to build. From the outside, it did not appear like anything significant had happened or changed.

    This, I suppose, is the nature of walls. We build them. We hide behind them. We break them.


I am the only one who can build or break my wall. Others can influence me, but ultimately, what happens to my wall is my choice and my choice alone.

No one can break your walls for you.”

~Quiana Chase

Below is the video King Roc and Queen Deborah shared about looking to the heart of a person.

 The video below is one King Roc and Queen Deborah shared about what Charity really is.

The following video is a clip from the movie “Facing the Giants”. King Richard and Queen Emily shared this video and then asked everyone if they were giving all they had.

I love these youth.  I am honored to be their Queen. I will give it everything I have until there is nothing left. That is how I plan to cross the finish line.

Thanks to Miah Johnson of Shutterbugs Photography for quickly stepping up and taking pictures for us last minute!

What Does Charity Mean To You?

Youth leader applications have now closed and interviews will take place this week.  Each applicant wrote a paper about what Charity means to them.  Some might think that reading 50+ papers all on the same topic would be a chore, but I must tell you that I have a renewed faith in the youth of today, simply from reading their thoughts. I have been blessed and am grateful that so many of you have shared such touching moments from your lives with me. I have learned much from all of you.


  Now it is your turn to read.  Crown Princess Natalie shares a little of what Charity means to her.

Charity in its many facets is love. Charity is the pure love of Christ, and Christ loves each and every single one of us more than we can ever imagine.  Charity is the choice to put another’s interest above our own. It is unconditional love.

A dear friend of mine has a great ability to love. Once, I had the gall to say some very harsh things about another person we both knew. Yes I knew it was not kind to say, but I said them anyway. She was appalled and promptly wound up with the greatest response to gossip I have ever heard, not through words but in her defense of this person. She proclaimed that said “person” had a good and sound heart. As it says in the Samuel “Look not on his countenance… for the Lord seeth not as a man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance but the Lord looketh on the heart.”

You see, my friend has a unique propensity to love everyone with all her heart. Without being rebuked one jot, I felt chastised, sorely chastised.

This friend showed me something I had failed to see. Love. I had forgotten the unconditional nature of love and my desire to follow in Christ’s footsteps. In being caught up with the negative about this person I had forgotten to see him the way Christ has asked that I see everyone. Needless to say it was a highly unpleasant feeling to realize this, but greatly needed.

I realized, for the first time I truly realized that all men, women, and children are loved by God more than we can possibly imagine and His love never changes and never falters. Charity is the beauty that lies within. Charity is the attribute we have each been asked to cultivate within ourselves. Charity is the unconditional love of God.


Introducing Your Crown Princess of 2014!

What a pleasure it is for me to share with all of you the news of our upcoming Handmaidens of Virtue Summit, and our Crown Princess – Natalie Goodrich! 2013-32691-56


She will lead all of our Youth Leaders this year, and I am thrilled to have her. She was a Princess last year, and has many great ideas and thoughts to make this year even better!


Get to know Crown Princess Natalie a little bit better through her own words-

“I love to be home. To be honest I would be content staying in my house all day sewing clothing, quilting, hemming or mending all the boy’s pants. I do like watching movies. Mostly things like Pride and Prejudice or Wives and Daughters, mainly because I love old-fashioned things, old-fashioned clothing and behavior. There is something so thoroughly enchanting in the idea of damsels in distress and knights in shining armor coming to the rescue! I am utterly convinced that men are designed to be the protectors and providers and women to be the nurturers and homemakers. My fondest dream is to become a wife and mother – to be that homemaker, to nurture those children, and to be a helpmeet to my future husband.

If you cannot tell, much of my time is taken up by daydreams and fantasies.

I love to challenge myself. When I was eight, I taught myself to read notes on the piano, and since I began taking lessons my teacher has been forever amazed (and I might add somewhat alarmed) at the heights for which I tend to reach. I shoot for the sky when it comes to my music.

I love to do things! To be involved in big endeavors and accomplish great things is great fun and prepares me for even bigger things. Currently my undertaking is to conquer the incredibly difficult yet equally satisfying period of education. I love to learn, especially if I can do that from original works.

I love my friends. I love talking with them about hopes and dreams. I love supporting them as they go through difficult or challenging things. I love laughing with them, it usually happens to be about the silliest things but I have been told that laughing is more fun than crying.

I have been involved in the Mastering Knighthood Summit for the last four years and have been thoroughly impressed with the underlying strength and spirit exhibited by the boys in attendance. Last year I had the opportunity to volunteer in the first Handmaidens of Virtue Summit as a Princess. There is something so incredibly gentle, yet powerful about the young women with whom I worked. I am looking forward to being involved in great things at Virtue Summit this year.”

Now Accepting Youth Leadership Applications

Our First Annual Handmaidens of Virtue Summit was a great success, due to the amazing volunteers that made it all possible. With a new year upon us, it is now time to begin again! We are now accepting applications for all Youth Leader positions for the 2014 Virtue Summit on Saturday, June 28th at Canyon Rim Park in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The youth I worked with last year at our first Summit, changed my perspective on the course of our world. I see a brighter future through them and their determination to stand tall among so many challenges! Handmaidens of Virtue Summit is a wonderful opportunity for youth, ages 13 and older, both male and female, to acquire and strengthen leadership skills, as well as to bond with other amazing youth.

For more information as well as to submit a volunteer form, please click HERE or on the picture below.

2013 Summit 006



Heroic Youth

Mastering Knighthood

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