We are seeking for volunteers who are passionate about teaching girls to be courageous defenders of virtue!

To sign up as an adult volunteer, please fill out this form. A detailed description of all volunteer positions (both youth and adult) are listed below the form.  All positions marked Youth Leader must apply by clicking here. For questions please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Rachel Duncan.

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Lords and Ladies- one adult couple per kingdom. They will be adult supervision and support for the Princesses and Guards. They will bring an afternoon snack for the girls, Princesses and Guard in their camp and be responsible for the physical needs of the girls. They will provide a snack for the girls both days. Total of 6 couples.

Crafts/Virtue Workshop Committee- People to help to prepare supplies for summit such as any crafts for Virtue Workshops. Volunteers also needed at summit to lead or assist at the Virtue Workshops or the Father’s Workshop toward the end of the last day.

Check-in- Information Table- Help is needed at the beginning and end of each day of summit to check in and out all of our volunteers and attendees. Throughout the day, check-in becomes command central for questions and first-aid. We need less help in the daytime than we need at the beginning and end of each day.

Set-up/Take Down- This can be a physically demanding position, but great fun because you get to be all around the park and seeing everything that is going on.  Set up and take down happens not just at the beginning and end of the day, but all throughout summit. We need many hands here, and can especially use some women on the second half of day two when the men need to be with their daughters.

Costumes/Sewing- To make an event magical, costumes are a must. Therefore, we need people who can sew to make and mend costumes prior to summit. We also typically have some decor or specialty items that require sewing to be made ahead of time as well. The day of summit, we need help in checking in and checking out items to volunteers.

Feast and Ball Committee- The feast and ball committee plan, prepare and carry out the Feast and Ball at the end of the second day. This may include food preparation prior to Summit.

Cast Members- Volunteers must be adults. No children this year.

Irish Step Dancers- For opening ceremonies and possibly to teach some dance to the handmaidens. Need to already know how to step dance.

Princesses- Youth Leaders  – 1 per camp. They are the primary mentors of the girls. They are ages 15 years and older. They will teach a message at the beginning to the girls in their camp. They will  know the plot very well to help coach the girls through it all. They will do the coronation and help with the planning of the event. Total of 12 girls.

Ladies-in-Waiting – Youth Leaders – They are a help to the Princesses. They will run any information needed to and from camps to the Kingdom. They will assist the Princess in anyway needed. In essence, they are preparing themselves to be a Princess. They are ages 13-15. There are a total of 12 girls.

Guards-  Youth Leaders  – 2 per camp. They are there to protect the girls. They will treat them with courtly behavior so the girls can have an example of how they should be treated. They will provide games in the morning and are part of the plot. They are ages 15 and up. There are a total of 12 guards.


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